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I’m really sorry for not taking the time to actually update my blog. (I still read every post on my dashboard, though.) I’ve been spending a lot of time doing academics (e.g. papers, problem sets, homework). I don’t even have time for my online work anymore. It’s sad and kinda disappointing because my employer may fire me for being incompetent (and unproductive, ironically). Now I’m convinced I really need lessons regarding time management. Huhuhu. :(

On a different note, I’ve just joined the (braces) club! I’ve had them set up exactly a week ago. During the first three days, I can only eat soft food like noodles, ice cream, soup, and cerelac (YES I LOVE IT PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME HAHAHA). Now I can sorta eat real food again, yay!!! >:)<

So I’m spending the rest of the day chillaxing. Tomorrow, I shall do acads. Yes.

Happy weekend, lovelies! >:D<

xx Rania

30th of August 2014
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There are perks of living in a pad near Maginhawa Street, e.g. 1) its distance from the campus (only one jeepney ride), and 2) so many food choices! The downsides, however, are 1) not having enough money to spend for the rest of the week (read also: getting broke because of food), and 2) getting flabbier every single day. Lol we should start getting health conscious… said no one ever? Hahaha jk.

Since we had no classes today (Happy Quezon City Day!), my sister and I decided to eat out. For brunch, we had KFC. After that, we ordered donuts (choco butternut + red velvet with cream cheese!) from Dunkin’ Donuts. I also had a venti Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Crème (new favorite drink!) from Starbucks, Matalino Street. (It’s my favorite branch because I always go there to study and/or chill, may it be alone or with my friends, specifically Karen and Jasper. Also, I love the baristas because they usually get my name right ehehe!) Because of spending too much today, my wallet’s already crying. But… no regrets? Hahaha.

After writing this entry, I should start focusing on acads. (Huhu stress!) Good thing I’ve some brain food here (yay nuts, chocolates and Coke cherry!). I’m not really a fan of Coke (or any other soft drinks/sodas/colas, for that matter) but when curiosity strikes, you take it, right? Or not. Heh. Actually, I only asked my mom to buy a dozen of those Coke cherry because the packaging looks nice. But I don’t think I can say the same for the taste. I’ve just had one sip but I already didn’t like it. I should probably try it once more to confirm or something. Yeah.

So that’s it. Leave a message if you have questions, okay? Take care, loves! >:)<

xx Rania

19th of August 2014
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