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Aaaaaand I’m baaack! After months of being inactive, I am finally (hopefully) back on track! Lol. I have been really, really busy with acads for the past months. Thus, I put myself on hiatus mode and left this small space temporarily.

I just had my Math 100 final exam last Thursday — which marks the end of my second semester as a freshie and the official start of my summer vacation. Well, just a short one because I have to go back to school for summer classes on the second week of April. I personally think it’s a good thing though that the proposed academic calendar shift (which basically says that classes are from August to May instead of the usual June to March) was approved in my school, too. It has been a really hot topic everywhere in the campus for the past months. So hello, another two months of summer! Lol.

Anyway, why the random title? Well, that’s actually a title of a song by Bruno Mars (am I right, or..?) which has been on loop in my mind for two weeks now. And it sounds so much like tres sure. Lol haha, so much for acads.

So after my final exam in Math 100, I went home. And by that I mean our house in Pasig, not the pad outside campus where I am staying in. I was so stressed over my long exam scores in the said course, so I really had to legit study from Monday until Wednesday. Thank You for such nice and brilliant college friends, I have my own personal tutors (not to mention clowns hahaha I kid).

Upon reaching home, I was ready to catch up on sleep. But my high school barkada (still the best!!) surprised me. They were wearing party hats and holding a huge banner with a birthday greeting complete with random photos of us. It was a super late birthday surprise!! (Lol I turned eighteen last month.) They gave me gifts. We shared stories and laughters and food. I missed them so much it hurts lol. Gummies, thank you! I love you all! <3

Sooo, I had a pretty good week. (Sorry, I am very random.) I actually have so much to tell, but I don’t have that much time. I haven’t finished getting ready for our Hong Kong-Macau family trip. We’re actually leaving in 7 hours! Yay, wanderlust feels! <3

For the meantime, I’ll leave you with a photo of my new baby. I named her Tris because asdfghjkl. <3 <3 <3

xx rania

I took these photos while in the car last night hoping that combining them into a collage could pass for a comeback (photo) post. I certainly hope so. If you are a reader of my blog, please do tell me because I want to thank you personally for keeping up with me and my being lame heh. Sorry for abandoning this precious space of mine; I just had to deal with more important priorities. (Now isn’t that redundant.. um well)

It’s already the 31st of the last month, meaning 2013 will end in less than twenty-four hours. Wow, so fast huh? I honestly haven’t kept track.. maybe because I was so busy with college. Or in life, to be more general. Though I live for fun, too. Within just a few months, I’d met new friends already. Don’t get me wrong.. socializing is not really my thing but it’s worth a try. Besides, we all need dramas in life sometimes. Now let’s not create one.. I’m keeping this post as short as possible.

I hope you guys make the most out of what’s left this year. Do whatever you want, bond with your loved ones. We are nearly closing yet another chapter of our lives and opening a new one. I hope you find peace, happiness and love! Keep dreaming and stay strong, friends! Cheers to another year! Happy New Year!

Hello there, October!

11th October.

Hi guys!! I haven’t posted for a while now.. I know. I’ve been too busy with college. I finished my first semester in UP last Tuesday.. I felt so happy. Alhamdulillah! Without You, I could never have done it.

But honestly.. it was fast. Everything happened so fast. Like yesterday was the first day of my college life and now the first sem’s over. Woah there, time. You never fail to rub into my face how important you are to me and to everyone else. Lol nevermind my being dramatic. It’s just me.. and my mood swings.

I am currently enjoying every bits of my month-long sembreak hihi. It’s good to be taking a break from all those stressful requirements and sleepless nights acads gave me. On the first week of November, I will welcome acads into my life again. Sounds stressful, yes? Yes. Lol.

Anyway, I have so many things planned this month. So many things are happening this month, yes. I am just so stoked!! I hope everything falls into place. Bismillah! Here are some of the things I am looking forward to this month!!

  • shopping sesh with my college buddies/blockmates (Chami, Karen, Shaira, Louis) at Divisoria tomorrow
  • sem-ender bonding with my high school friends
  • a feast at Vikings with Louis and Jasper
  • Bangkok, Thailand trip with the parents and grandmothers (not sure though)
  • Allegiant on the 22nd!!
  • Awkward Season 3B on the 22nd!!
  • The Carrie Diaries Season 2 on the 25th!!


On another note, I would like to show you a teaser photo of our trip to South Korea last March 2013. I haven’t blogged about it yet. But I will.. soon!

Thanks for reading, you guys! Maybe you could make me smile by talking to me? You can reach me here. Thank you!

Yours truly, Ranxx


June 5.

Ugh, again.. sorry for the lack of updates. I have been really busy preparing stuff for college. I am aware that I haven’t updated my ATN column nor blogged about our South Korea trip last March. I will try to settle them if my schedule permits. :|

For the meantime, here are updates about me. (I don’t know but that line was.. awkward. lol)

  • I am now officially an Iska!! Um, since the 9th of May haha. I should’ve blogged about this last month but I don’t know.. I got lazy to update my blog? Hahaha. Hi, (ir)responsible Rania! lol
  • I am currently living an independent life… not. Well, sort of. I still receive allowances from my parents though lol. Since I will be studying in you-know-where, my parents decided it would be best to let me (temporarily) live in a place near my school so it won’t be much of a hassle to commute from Pasig to Quezon City and from Quezon City to Pasig everyday. I already miss home! But I need to focus. :) Push ko ‘to! :D
  • COLLEGE. LIFE. STARTS. TOMORROW. Yeah omg tomorrow’s our first day.. and just like any student, I feel anxious. I’m not sure I can keep up with the pressure in my school especially because I’m with really intelligent students. Sa mga nakakakilala sa akin, alam ninyo naman e. Ordinaryo lamang po akong estudyante.. minsan hindi nag-aaral for quizzes and exams kaya mabababa ang marka, mahilig mag-procrastinate, dakilang crammer. I really am just an average student. :( Pero kasi nandito na ako e. Push ko na ‘to. Tiwala lang! Kaya ko naman siguro ‘to! Bismillah!

A lot of things happened in the past months but it’s best for me not to elaborate. Loljk. Anyway, I would really appreciate it if someone wishes me good luck for the first day of classes. I really need good lucks you know hahahaha. UP FIGHT!!!

Yours truly, Ranxx

I-Vice Ganda Mo Ko Sa Araneta

Vice Ganda’s third concert = MY FIRST CONCERT EXPERIENCE!!

May 17; Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Mom, Tita Aisha, I and my sibs (except Rafa lol) left for Smart Araneta Coliseum past 7 PM and arrived there before 8. I totally had no idea what to do because it was my first time to go there and yeah.. it was my first time to attend a concert. *shame*

We joined the queue and presented our tickets to the lady assigned there. Before going to our respective places (Mom, I and Hanna in the patron area; Tita Aisha, Sailal and Rafi in the lower box area), we bought food at Wendy’s.

The arena was almost full when we entered it. They were a lot of people!! The event started minutes past 8 PM with Vice Ganda’s opening act. We were already laughing that time. I felt happy. Was it because it was a first for me? I don’t know but yeah I guess so? lol

A lot of celebrities were present.. Anne Curtis, Georgina Wilson, Ryan Bang, Karylle, Ms. Kris Aquino, Liz Uy, among others. There were a lot of guests who performed on the stage with Vice.. Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Dawn Zulueta, Regine Velasquez, Ai-Ai delas Alas. DUDE, ENRIQUE GIL IS SO HOT!! *u* Coco Martin was also there during the last part of the show. Hello, obviously-surprised Vice. :D

Vice Ganda, as usual, threw a lot of punchlines and jokes during the (more than) 4-hour show. There were jokes about politicians, celebrities and stuff. I wouldn’t like to elaborate, though. (Read my tweets instead lol)

To sum it up, I had so much fuuun!! It was a great show all in all! Congratulations, Vice Ganda, for your third successful concert!! (Shame on me for not attending the first two lol sorry) And thank you for making my first concert experience so wonderful! You gave me quite a good glimpse to what a real concert really is and how it’s like. Thank you so much!! Good luck on your career! God bless you! :)

Since I wasn’t able to bring my camera with me, I used my phone to take pictures and videos of the event. I posted one on my Instagram account.

Yours truly, Ranxx