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In a state of hysteria

May 1.

This morning, I tweeted..

"Goodbye, April! Hello, May!" I just had to because.. it’s May freaking 1 already!! OMG CRS.. Insha’Allah!

To be completely honest, I was excited. Yeah, I felt nervous but I was kinda more excited than anxious.

So yeah, I woke up pretty early today. There were two things that entered my mind the moment I woke up. First, my Form 137 which I was supposed to get today but realized it’s a holiday. Secondly, the results of the pre-enlistment.

I logged on to the CRS website after I did my morning ritual (lol) and the results were nowhere to be found.

It’s kinda a “chill” day and I laughed so hard while watching Showtime (the usual hihi) so I didn’t worry about the pre-enlistment results. After taking a shower past 3 PM, I received a text (Viber yo hihi) from my friend (who also happens to be my buildingmate, if there is such a thing lol) saying that the pre-enlistment results were out. While I was typing my username and password, I was literally shaking. You can’t blame me, I was.. nervous.

And then.. it happened. I was really very disappointed. "Enlisted Block: None" THAT’S SERIOUSLY THE LEAST I EXPECTED TO SEE. I did get only 3 subjects (equivalent to 8 units). I didn’t get into any block sections for my course, Bachelor of Science in Business Economics. (The blocks were applicable for BSBE and BSE students.) I didn’t know what to do. I was mentally saying "eottokae eottokae" (korean; english translation = what to do what to do). I cursed. A lot. I really didn’t know what to do. Good thing the upperclassmen told us not to worry too much because we can still enlist on the day of the pre-registration. That time there were only three of us in my course who are blockless. We talked about it and how disappointed we were for not getting into any block sections. (There were eight block sections and we were asked to choose two as our block choices and add subjects.) So yeah, I hope I could avail slots for the subjects I like. I will enlist again on May 8. Hopefully, a nice schedule would be granted to me. Insha’Allah!

I am still a bit shocked. I am expecting to get the hang of this soon enough though. I’m still absorbing everything. I’m still.. confused. I feel like an outcast. But yeah, hopefully a good schedule for me!

One last thing before I end this yet another rant..

Just because I seem “cool” doesn’t mean I’m not in a state of hysteria. (Trust me, I am.)

Yours truly, Ranxx

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