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June 5.

Ugh, again.. sorry for the lack of updates. I have been really busy preparing stuff for college. I am aware that I haven’t updated my ATN column nor blogged about our South Korea trip last March. I will try to settle them if my schedule permits. :|

For the meantime, here are updates about me. (I don’t know but that line was.. awkward. lol)

  • I am now officially an Iska!! Um, since the 9th of May haha. I should’ve blogged about this last month but I don’t know.. I got lazy to update my blog? Hahaha. Hi, (ir)responsible Rania! lol
  • I am currently living an independent life… not. Well, sort of. I still receive allowances from my parents though lol. Since I will be studying in you-know-where, my parents decided it would be best to let me (temporarily) live in a place near my school so it won’t be much of a hassle to commute from Pasig to Quezon City and from Quezon City to Pasig everyday. I already miss home! But I need to focus. :) Push ko ‘to! :D
  • COLLEGE. LIFE. STARTS. TOMORROW. Yeah omg tomorrow’s our first day.. and just like any student, I feel anxious. I’m not sure I can keep up with the pressure in my school especially because I’m with really intelligent students. Sa mga nakakakilala sa akin, alam ninyo naman e. Ordinaryo lamang po akong estudyante.. minsan hindi nag-aaral for quizzes and exams kaya mabababa ang marka, mahilig mag-procrastinate, dakilang crammer. I really am just an average student. :( Pero kasi nandito na ako e. Push ko na ‘to. Tiwala lang! Kaya ko naman siguro ‘to! Bismillah!

A lot of things happened in the past months but it’s best for me not to elaborate. Loljk. Anyway, I would really appreciate it if someone wishes me good luck for the first day of classes. I really need good lucks you know hahahaha. UP FIGHT!!!

Yours truly, Ranxx

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